About The Brand

DANYEYI® is an independent UK label set out to create a unique and distinctive premium clothing and lifestyle collection that is a direct collaboration with some of the best digital and traditional artists from around the world.

We have researched dozens of artists from all over the world and put together a collection of unique designs created by individual artist's in their individual style. Even though our brand is made up of a variety of different design styles and techniques, each design has been chosen to complement the range and has been adapted through our use of materials and printing techniques to give each design within the collection the same visual style which is synonymous with the DANYEYI® brand.

This collaboration of artists allows us to create a brand that is no longer dependent on one particular style, allowing us to create a diverse collection that ranges from typographic based designs to detailed illustrations and photographic prints. We take great pride in our collection of artists and we show this by giving them the appreciation they deserve on each item page along with information on their particular style and techniques used.

DANYEYI® is a small business which is run by a small select team of like minded creative individuals who all share a profound attention to detail. This attention to detail is essential as all of our items are hand made to order in-house and none of our products are prefabricated prior to the order. All aspects of the brand are managed internally from garment labeling to online marketing giving us greater control over our business as a whole and our manufacturing process, this means that we do not have the problem of a particular design being out of stock as all of our materials are ready to hand so that we can produce the item without waiting for suppliers to manufacture the item for us.

Our apparel collections are made using only the best premium materials and our designs are printed on high quality garments that are made from 100% certified organic jersey cotton in accordance with the global organic textile standard.

We have successfully sold thousands of items worldwide and have gained a very loyal customer base over the years by paying attention to those little details. We are now looking to develop our product range and exposure over the next few years to create a truly unique lifestyle brand.

- Thank you from us all here at DANYEYI®.